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Ons is opgewonde om te sien hoe God elke gelowige opbou tot dienswerk sodat die gemeenskap Christus kan beleef.


As Rotsgemeente, we believe that the mission of God and the mission of the church are interrelated and interdependent as God uses his church to make known his eternal plan of salvation which he carried out through Jesus Christ. We therefor seek to pursue the mission of God both locally and globally in diverse and frequently changing ways.

The local missions efforts of Rotsgemeente starts with every member who consider themselves an active member of the body of Christ, called and sent by God to be light and salt wherever they go.

At the same time we are involved with:

  • Street Outreaches
  • Outreach to the unemployed
  • Welfare: bring comfort to the hurting, food to the hungry and clothes to those who have none.
  • Brackenfell for Jesus: In collaboration with other churches in Brackenfell, to see social upliftment, winning of precious souls and a spiritual awakening of believers

Die Bybelgenootskap - past. Theuns Louw: It is the task of the Bible Society of South Africa to provide affordable Bibles for everyone in their own language and in suitable formats so that all may experience the life-giving message of the Word.


From Genesis to Revelation, it is clear that God desires all people of all nations to know and worship Him. And yet there are still about 7,000 unreached people groups in the world today who have never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. God calls all of us to have a role in and be a part of global missions. We are all participants in the bigger story, in God’s plan to bring redemption to all peoples.

Southeast & East Asia (Harvesters Ministries) - God, who is committed to accomplishing this great work of redemption through his church, is busy building His Kingdom in Southeast and East Asia.

The desire is to make God famous among the unreached peoples of countries like Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, China and Mongolia by training indigenous leaders who plant healthy, reproducing churches through strategic and systematic church planting methods which includes responsible evangelism and discipleship.

We are witnessing a great move of God despite the dangers and the fears faced by many church planters, as churches continue to grow and thrive more than ever before.

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David & Jonathan Foundation: The David and Jonathan Foundation encourages individuals and congregations to pray for Messianic congregations in Israel and to give them financial support. Funds are spread amongst several congregations with whom the Foundation has built sound relations. The money is used to assist these congregations to spread the Good News to their fellow countrymen in Israel.